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Youth Programs

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College and Cultural Tours

Through the college and cultural tours we offer student tours to colleges and universities across the nation while also broadening their horizons to cultural experiences through travel.  These tours will offer lessons not available in any textbook while increasing their awareness of what the world has to offer outside of their primary community.
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USA Step

The USA STEP program will specialize in bringing States together for a Nationwide Competition that is committed to promoting the Stay Fit - Michelle Obama "Let's Move Campaign" awareness and increasing awareness of Youth Empowerment.  By forging relationships with organizations committed to research and education such as Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Sororities and Fraternities, participants will be impacted and armed with healthy living solutions.  The titleholders of the competition will personify the combination of knowledge, physical fitness and intelligence.
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Summer Camps

Summer camps will be provided for youth in order to help build self-confidence and self-esteem; social skills; and make friends.  It is our goal to provide a safe learning environment as an alternative activity during their summer break.
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Little Princess Scholarship

This scholarship pageant is meant to provide a scholarship to a deserving Little Princess.  The Little Princess Scholarship Pageant is designed to nurture little girl's delicate self esteem, which in turn, helps to develop strong, confident, and well adjusted young women.
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The Palm Beach County Minority Male Program, SWAG, is designed to prevent adolescent teen male behavior problems by enhancing normative processes of social development.  The program seeks to engage young minority males in a high level of structured, volunteer community service that is closely linked to discussions of future life options, such as those surrounding future career and relationship decisions.

This program will consist of Minority Teen Males attending all Palm Beach High Schools. Participants are students in grades 9 through their 1st year of college.  The purpose of this program is to reach out to our future male teens and help prevent violence in homes, schools, and the community.  We will strive to improve the general conditions of young minority males, bringing our county together to collectively consider conditions facing young minority males today.  
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W.A.G. Program

The mission of W.A.G. (Women Advising Girls) Mentoring Program is to support children and families as they encounter the circumstances, challenges and the various phases of life - so that children have the opportunity and resources to become capable, responsible and contributing members of the community as they discover means to effectively pursue their dreams and accomplish their goals.

This program will actively encourage the community to promote a nurturing, supportive and caring environment for all children...Helping girls go "From Good to Great."  This program will provide a positive experience for young ladies to grow, develop, and discover their purpose and learn about women role models in their community.  At this stage in a young ladies' life, the purpose is to develop positive manners, strong work ethics, and focus on the future goals.
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