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Family Programs

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Family counseling, Life coaching & Meditation

Through this program we strive to preserve and strengthen the well-being of individuals and families within the community in order to promote a healthier society through easy access and professional services.  Our counseling services can lend strength and vision when times seem the most difficult.  They enable children and adults to solve individual difficulties, improve their relationships and engage in healthy family dynamics.
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Marriage Seminars & Getaways

This program will provide seminars and events that will seek to provide the opportunity to strengthen, enrich, and rejuvenate relationships through listening to brief teachings, view demonstrations, practicing skills and learning from others.Our getaway weekend is a time together as a couple to invest in and strengthen the foundation of your marriage, no matter how firm or fragile it is.  By getting away from the distractions of life, you can fortify your most important relationship and work toward building wonderful memories together, for decades to come.
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